Danskiu Rhythm Arrow Tap

This special arrow music game is another kind of musical fighting game.

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Amazing Music Game.

This game can help you get rid of boredom on Danskiu having a tough week. Practice for your finger. Feel funkin rhythm! Dance to the best songs! You just need to press the right arrows up, down, right and left to match them perfectly.

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Start And Enjoy.

Get the highest score point as much as possible. Do your best. Show everyone your rap gift and take the heart of your best character.

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iPhone Feature 03

Favorite Characters.

Make your best friend: Dark Violin Angel, Diva, Electric Elf, Mark, Metalic, Succubus.

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Best Exciting Adventure.

This game has 6 full weeks with easy and hard levels on 6 mods. Hope you won't be disappointed with this. Enjoy! And, enjoy this arrow music game!